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Working Hard To Correct Lazy-Eye Leave a comment

(NC)-A baby is born. Soon after it opens its eyes, there is a critical period, during which time its visual experiences have a profound effect on the development of the visual areas of its brain. Ideally, both eyes have visual experiences of equal quality. But, if the baby is born with a cataract or with a serious vision problem in one eye, the child may develop a severe and permanent loss of vision, commonly known as lazy-eye. By understanding the changes in the brain that are associated with lazy-eye, Kathryn Murphy and a team of researchers at McMaster and Dalhousie Universities, aim to improve treatments for children at risk for developing this condition.
Dr. Murphy’s research is being funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). CIHR is Canada’s preeminent health research catalyst and is funded by the government of Canada. An exciting new concept, CIHR is modernizing and transforming the health research enterprise in Canada.
To learn more about CIHR please visit: http://www.cihr.ca, e-mail: info@cihr.ca or write to: CIHR, 410 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa ON K1A 0W9.

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