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Why Protein is Crucial For Fat Loss – Part 3 Leave a comment

Protein Is Crucial For Fat Loss! Part 3
The Best Protein Powder and How To Get It Dirt Cheap!
Without a doubt, whey protein is king when it comes to protein quality and digestability. Ironically, whey used to be considered a useless by-product of cheesemaking and was just dumped into ponds as waste!
There are two main classifications of whey protein, which are essentially based on how processed the whey is. The two forms are whey isolate and concentrate. The major difference between the two is that whey isolate is more processed and is thus a purer source of whey. Whey concentrate is still a very high quality protein however.
If you have the money to spend, whey isolate is the higher quality protein. If you’re looking to get the most protein bang for your buck, I’m going to let you in on a little secret:
Whey concentrate is very nearly as good as isolate and is a whole lot cheaper!
I would compare it to driving a sports car. Imagine whey protein as the Ferrari of protein. It is a top-quality protein and a top-quality car. If you put a manual transmission into that Ferrari, you are going to get more performance out of it. This is what happens with whey isolate as compared to whey concentrate. Whey concentrate is your basic Ferrari, while whey isolate is your souped-up Ferrari.
My favorite protein supplement, which I always recommend to clients and friends, is the EAS brand whey concentrate protein powder called “Simply Protein.”
EAS is a very high-quality, well-known brand name and is a pioneer in scientific supplement development. They know their stuff!
But here’s the best part…
I know an online store where you can get this protein powder at a fraction of the price you would pay at a regular retail store. Let me throw some numbers at you.
For 2 pounds of whey isolate you will generally pay anywhere between $29.95 and $39.95.
For 10 pounds of EAS whey concentrate at the online store I will tell you about, you will pay only $49.95 (as of Nov 22, 2002). For this exact same brand at a retail supplement store, you will most likely pay around 35 to 40 dollars for only a 5 pound tub of it.
When you break down the numbers, it looks something like this:

Whey Isolate: $15 to $20 per pound
EAS Whey Concentrate Retail: $7 to $8 per pound
EAS Whey Concentrate Online Store: $5 per pound

I’ve been using and researching protein supplements for the past 12 years and I have yet to find a better deal on this high a quality of protein.
Use this link and go get some today!
http://www.fitrx.com/fitrx/fitrx_result.asp?operation=Find&i_pagesize=10&ref_franchise_id=17392&i_desc=simply protein&i_brand=34
p.s. the best part is they only charge a flat rate of $5.95 for shipping regardless of the size of your order. You could order 40 pounds of protein and still only pay $5.95 for shipping! (Actually, if you ordered over $200.00 worth, your shipping would be free!)

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