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When Does The Donation Process Begin? Leave a comment

(NC)-The surgery can begin after two doctors, not involved in the transplantation procedure, have declared the patient to be brain-dead. If and when the family agrees to donate the organs and tissues of their loved ones, the transplantation team arrives to harvest them.
If I have registered my consent for organ donation, will everything be done to save my life if I’m severely injured?
Absolutely. Organ donation is, first and foremost, about saving lives. Potential organ donors must be declared brain dead by two impartial doctors who work separately from the transplant team. Transplant doctors are not involved with the patient until lifesaving attempts have failed, brain death has been declared, and consent for organ donation has been confirmed.
A person is brain dead when all the functions of the brain stop working. Less than 1% of all deaths in Canada result in the potential for organ donation.
What is the success rate for transplantation of organs?
Success rates for transplants vary depending on the organ, but in general 85-95% of transplants are successful one year after surgery.
For more information on organ and tissue donation and how you can donate, visit http://www.healthcanada.ca/organandtissue on the Internet.

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