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What is the Cause of Cancer? Leave a comment

Following my partner, Glenn’s, diagnosis with an aggressive form of cancer, my hours of research led me to discover a series of medical researchers who have come to the conclusion that cancer is a metabolic disease.
A metabolic disease is one that develops as a result of our metabolism becoming corrupted. Simply put – metabolism is “the chemical processes occurring within a living cell or organism that are necessary for the maintenance of life.”
The medical researchers suggest that the metabolism becomes corrupted because the raw ingredients, that is the nutritional elements, required for the chemical processes are either missing or not available in sufficient quantity.
Their assertion is that what we call “illness” is simply a result of the body’s survival response “gone wrong” caused by our body not having the nutritional elements to continue life or to heal itself in a healthy manner.
History is full of examples of diseases cured by increasing certain nutritional elements:
. Scurvy which is prevented and reversed by increasing Vitamin C
. Pellagra prevented and treated with Vitamin B3 (that is niacin)
. Beriberi prevented and treated with Vitamin B1 or thiamine
. Pernicious anaemia which is treated with Vitamin B12
So what about Cancer?
The researchers say that when we suffer an injury, either internal or external, the body goes in to a healing process that becomes corrupted.
The mechanics of this are that oestrogen in the body triggers certain cells to become trophoblastic i.e. to multiply faster than normal, to heal the wound. We actually see this happen whenever we suffer a cut to our skin.
Normally this accelerated cell production is terminated when the wound is healed. However if certain elements are not present in the body, specifically pancreatic enzymes, then the cells continue to multiply, creating a mass or tumour.
If the body finally catches up and stops the trophoblastic cells, the mass is found to be benign or no longer active. If the cells are still proliferating we call it malignant.
This research indicates therefore, that cancer is simply an unterminated healing process caused by the lack of the basic nutritional elements the body uses to create pancreatic enzymes.
This is also the explanation given as to why, so often, surgery to remove tumours actually results in it spreading even further. Obviously, the surgery creates more wound sites, which trigger (and release) yet more uncontrolled trophoblastic cells that result in more cancer.
Take it a step further by looking at the common medical treatments of radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Radiation therapy (a form of burning) simply creates even more wound sites and yet more opportunities for further corrupted healing processes.
Chemotherapy impacts drastically on the body’s immune system, reducing even further the body’s natural ability to heal.
All of which of course, simply increases the chances of more cancer, usually of the more virulent types known as secondaries.
Using a nutritional approach not only has none of these negative side effects, but also, of course, actually supports the bodys own natural healing processes.

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