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First Aid as the words suggest is the care given to a casualty before professional help is required. This help can literally mean the difference between life and death.
The aims of First Aid are:

To preserve life
To prevent the worsening of any injuries
To promote recovery

Why do we need First Aid and more importantly the correct products.
Accidents do happen particularly in the home [approx 2.8million per annum]
You are 20 times more likely to have a fatal accident than win the lottery!
Top 5 Accidents

Strikes & Collisions
Cuts & Tears
Foreign Bodies

First Aid Misconceptions

You should put butter/cream on a burn. WRONG. The only thing you should put on a burn is water. Keep the butter for cooking!
To do First Aid you need lots of training. WRONG. What you need is commonsense!
You need lots of expensive equipment.WRONG. The basic products are available from Medi-scot Online.

Who uses First Aid?
By law everyone in a working environment from a one-man business to a worldwide plc + sports and the private sectors.
Try this test:
Using the alphabet think of all the areas from A – Z where people could be hurt from an abbatoir to a zoo. Once you have got to Z go back to the beginning you`ve just started!
Medi-scot Online with over 30 years experience offer a large range of First Aid, sports injury prevention, safety equipment, instruments, diagnostics and consumables along with medical information to all sectors.
Innovative products include: mercury-free & digital thermometers, lego-type splints, safety knives and the unique Magiplug a safety bath/sink plug which has anti-flood & anti-scald features. We are pleased to announce the launch of Mobi-Medic an innovative and interactive approach to learning about the most common first aid situations and what to do. This unique technology not only summarises traditional text in a simple and graphic format for effective knowledge retention but makes it more fun all at a touch of a button on your mobile phone!
MOBIMEDIC gives you First Aid at your Fingertips
All Medi-scot Online products come with ISO and C.E approval and guarantee quality and best value.

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