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Use It or Lose It – A Plan for a Successful Exercise Program Leave a comment

You’ve heard the expression a thousand times “use it or lose it”. As we get older it is important that we stay active and get our bodies moving. If you are over forty and are not very active, I’m sure you have noticed your muscle size and tone disappearing and weight gaining. Well read on because I have discovered an excellent way to start an exercise program that you can gradually increase over time.
Let’s first discuss why exercising is so important in the first place.
Regular exercising helps prevent diseases like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. In addition you will improves stamina, strengthen and tone those muscles, enhance your flexibility, control your weight and overall you will improve your quality of life.
Now here is the plan that I followed to get started and now maintain.
Always start off slow. If you want to jog, start of walking. Start walking let’s say one mile per day for two weeks and as your muscles get used to it up the miles to two. This is wise for weight lifting as well, start off with less weight and fewer reps. There is nothing more discouraging then to wake up with over worked and sore muscles. In fact, most people over do it in the beginning, which causes them to take a break from their routine. This usually causes them to stop all together and fear starting again due to the pain they anticipate.
For years I over did it and I did exactly what I mentioned which caused me to stop all together for long periods of time. So here is my advise to you for beginning and maintaining a successful exercise program. Pick a combination of strength building and aerobic type exercises you enjoy with keeping in mind that you have plenty of time to grow into it. Be patient and go at it slow then gradually build up your weight, reps and miles until you feel comfortable. Before you know it you will be enjoying a robust program and find that you will crave your next session. One last comment; remember that at first you will lose a few pounds but as you tone up and gain back some of your muscle your weight may stay level or increase a little. That is because muscle mass is heavier than fat mass. Good luck.
Copyright 2006 Dennis Watson

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