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Transfer Factor: The Key to Immune System Memory Leave a comment

Transfer Factor represents one of the most exciting advancements in immune system health. Transfer factors are tiny molecules of protein, which are produced by immune cells called T-cells. Transfer factor is based on the foundation that key immune information can be transferred from one cell to another. These cells can then teach our immune system to better defend our health.
Highly Purified and Rigorously Tested
Colostrum from healthy, organically fed cows is purified and filtered to provide a mixture of pure transfer factor molecules. Numerous rigorous techniques including further purification and isolation result in pure transfer factor. People who are lactose intolerant or who have milk allergies of any kind need not be concerned, as all lactose and milk proteins are removed during the extraction and concentration process.
Important Note About Mad Cow Disease (BSE) and Transfer Factor
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) is a progressive brain disorder in cattle that results from an infecting agent. This agent is a modified form of a normal cell surface component known as prion protein. This transmission of BSE between cattle is the result of feeding infected animal protein to otherwise health cows.
You can rest assured that the cattle in question are isolated exclusively for the processing of transfer factor. None of them have ever been fed any animal protein. Additionally, the protein molecules used in transfer factor are a fraction of the size of BSE prions, and the advanced filtration process used to extract transfer factor molecules eliminates any potential contamination of the product.

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