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Time for a Swim in your Spa Leave a comment

The evolution of the hot tub has never ceased to amaze me. In recent years, hot tub and spa manufacturers have designed countless improvements into their products. A number of my friends have purchased spas in the last couple years, and they have all invested in optional upgrades such as surround sound systems. A few of them have even purchased spas with massive LCD televisions built into them!
It seems that the latest trend in hot tubs and home spas is the new swim spas. These spas are so cool! A swim spa is a pool that is slightly bigger than a standard hot tub, but smaller than a traditional swimming pool. It uses a propeller system or some jets to create a current, and the current allows the user to swim in a stationary position. This is often called treadmill swimming.
A lot of people use their swim spas for aerobic exercise, jogging, or for traditional hydrotherapy. Due to the compact size of these spas, they can be installed either indoors or outside. The neatest thing about these spas is that the strength of the current can be adjusted to accommodate individual users. What a wonderful way to spend your cardiovascular workout!
These spas come in a variety of sizes. They tend to be about 16 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 4 feet deep on average. They are available in above-ground and below-ground models. I went to a local spa shop last week, and did a wet test of their premier model. It was absolutely wonderful. I had the pleasure to test a model that had a separate section at the end that was a traditional spa. It was the best of both worlds!
Although I just purchased a new backyard spa last year, I am seriously considering upgrading to this new swim spa. They are slightly more expensive than a traditional hot tub, but after testing one I think they are well worth the price. I don’t think my husband is going to be too impressed with the idea, but perhaps I could get one with a big screen television and a surround sound system installed. I’ll get back to you later. My husband just got home from work.


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