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The Truth About Horizon Treadmills Leave a comment

Hopefully you haven’t arrived at this article expecting a rave review of Horizon treadmills. Although the company, has been around for a long time it seems their treadmills have not kept up with the evolving fitness equipment scene. In my opinion horizon treadmills should not be considered for your home gym.
At between $700 and $1,400 some people might say that because they are a cheap treadmill you shouldn’t be expecting too much. However I think if you are seriously considering setting up your own home gym then you should be expecting a treadmill that is a) going to perform and b) last longer than the time to your next birthday. Sure it’s a cheap brand but you might not be saying that after you fork out for the costly repairs!
The main problem with the machines is that they are manufactured in China. Although this keeps the cost of production down it also results in less than favorable quality.
Don’t let the good looks of these machines fool you. Remember if you are looking for a cheap way into the home gym scene then you must do some decent research into the brand and products themselves. Horizon treadmills look good new but they won’t look so good sitting in your house collecting dust!
Don’t get me wrong, there are some decent, cheap treadmills around but they are few and far between. You are much better off in the long run getting something that costs slightly more but won’t breakdown at the first hint of hard work.
As I’ve mentioned above, Horizons are cheap, discount treadmills. Their machines range from $700 to $1,400. At this price they will appeal to people looking for a bargain. They are good looking machines.
Being made in China their quality has a lot to be desired. Their looks and low price can be deceiving to a beginner so don’t be fooled.
I don’t recommend Horizon treadmills. You are far better off saving up for a slightly more expensive but better quality treadmill that will still be working a year down the track.
Well there you have it. Hopefully this article has made you think about Horizon treadmills carefully. Always remember to do you own due diligence before buying a cheap treadmill.

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