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The Secrets of Bush’s Health Leave a comment

Drugs like Viagra, Cialis and basically any drugs that contains Yohimbe or Yohimbine( chemical equivalent) are very popular but there are plenty of reported side effects like impaired vision, vomiting, and dull headache. Some even reported being insomniac after taking the drugs.
There are still a lot of side effects but I won’t go into details as the purpose of this article is not to discuss about the side effects of such drugs but to educate readers about the “business” perspective of the drug industry which prevents any people from getting the best drugs or treatment they deserve.
I will give you an example, George W. Bush has been widely reported by his doctors as near perfect health — and he only took one supplement and that is Omega 3 fish oil (of course he does exercise but that’s another story) Omega 3 has tons of medical benefits like preventing stroke, heart attack, prevent and treat cancer, combat brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and even curing depression.
It’s cheap, you can get it easily without prescription in any pharmacy and completely natural.
But that’s the problem. What problem, you ask? It seems perfect, well that’s the problem.
Confused? Well let me explain…you see…Pharmaceutical companies and doctors don’t get a dime when you use it!
They can’t patent it, they can’t have exclusive rights, the news won’t push their stock prices, and they can’t raise price because it’s a commodity.
What does this have to do with Viagra? Well a lot, in fact everything.
You see…Viagra is a patented drugs so they can charge a lot but it’s not necessarily the best for you. There’s a lot of natural herbal out there that are safe and more effective just like Omega 3. What is the safest and most effective herb out there? (And you can get it cheaply)
It’s a plant called Eurycoma Longifolia that can only be found in the wilderness of the rainforest — at Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s more popularly known as Long Jack or Tongkat Ali which means Ali Walking Stick. It’s very popular in South East Asia as a potent aphrodisiac and testosterone booster but also a proven treatment for malaria, high blood pressure, fevers and fatigue.
It’s so effective that Malaysian government provides special loans and grants for biotechnology companies willing to invest on Tongkat Ali research to find out more medical benefits that the plant provides. As a result Tongkat Ali coffee (very popular with the men in Malaysia), Tongkat Ali supplements and lots of other variety of products has been infused with Tongkat Ali.
But a company named BioGulf SB has taken the step further by combining western science, eastern herbs and Chinese herbs into creating a potent sexual enhancement pill called Libidus. In 2003, Libidus(libidus7.com) was awarded the coveted title of “Most Effective Male Herbal Sexual Enhancer” by Herbs & Health News Independent Test. It also has no side effects reported except for minor “heat” because of the increased blood circulation in the whole body which is tolerable.
Since it is herbal you can get it without prescription and cheaply. Now I’m going to tell you something that might shock you. Pfizer, the creator of Viagra is well aware that herbal is much more safer and effective than Viagra…so the smart board members has quietly invested in Herbal based erectile dysfunction drugs. In fact, Pfizer is the largest shareholder of HerbaLife which produces Prelox Blue.
The conclusion is, go get herbal based stuff and you’ll be better off in the long run. It’s cheaper and more effective and you’ll get tons of other health benefits too.


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