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The Importance of Being Positive To Relieve Pain – Part 2 Leave a comment

In a previous article I spoke about how a positive attitude
can help you manage your arthritis pain.

I suggested you get yourself a book on Positive Thinking. If
you haven’t got one yet, please do so. Most are not
expensive and will certainly be of great benefit to you.

Did you try my suggestion about thinking back to when you
did not have arthritis? Have you tried that technique and
had any results yet? If you haven’t had any results please
persevere – it may take time. By the way you will need to
continue practicing this technique EVERY DAY. Its power is
in the reinforcing effect it has on the subconscious.

One of the worst aspects of constant pain is the way it
affects your attitude. The feelings of anxiety and negativity
“why did it happen to me” feeling helpless and feeling like
you can’t cope.

You might feel like you have lost control of your life and
have difficulty concentrating. And the worst part is because
these feelings are so powerful they continue to feed on

But the feelings of positive thinking can be more powerful.
You have it within you to overcome all the negativity and
feelings of inadequacy. You are a very powerful person and
it is within you to do it. How?

I have already suggested getting a book on Positive Thinking
and how to get the image in your mind of when you were pain

Sometimes a little help from other sources is beneficial.

You might like to consider glucosamine? Glucosamine is
reported to be benefiting arthritis sufferers by reducing joint pain.
Information about glucosamine can be found by simply clicking
on the link at the end of this article and then following
the links on the home page.

Other things you can do:

– Talk to people who have a positive attitude – their
approach to life will rub off and help you.

– Don’t talk about how bad you feel or how bad your pain is.
When you are talking to someone and they ask how you are,
tell them how great you feel.

I have a friend who when asked how he is, always replies
“fantastic”. I have never seen him down or unhappy because
his reply triggers his subconscious mind into making his
body respond to feel “fantastic”. Try it – it works.

– When you get out of bed every morning say out loud, “I
feel fantastic today, I am going to have a great day”.
Repeat this 5 – 10 times and do it at least 5 – 6 times
every day. You will be surprised the effect this will have
on you.

By the way don’t say anything like “I won’t have any pain
today”. See what it does – just the very mention of that
word makes you conscious of it. Avoid thinking about it or
using the word.

– When you go to bed at night, say out loud (in your mind is
OK if you are going to disturb someone) “I am going to have
a peaceful, restful night and wake up in the morning feeling

– Avoid talking to negative people. This can sometimes be
difficult if they are friends or relatives but steer the
conversation to how you want it. Be positive, talk about
good things, talk about things you have enjoyed. Take
control of the conversation. You may be surprised at how
their attitude will change.

– Try and do some easy exercise. Go for a walk – even if
it’s only a short distance. Each day try to do a little more,
it doesn’t have to be much more but it gives you a sense
of achievement, a positive feeling. And don’t worry if you
don’t do what you set out to do – forget it. You can’t
change what’s happened – look forward to to-morrow. Exercise
also has the benefit of building up natural chemicals in the
body that give you feelings of wellbeing.

– If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or
something is bothering you say to yourself “STOP” and then
concentrate on something good or nice or pleasurable. Very
soon just thinking “STOP” will trigger an immediate change
in your thoughts.

– Inject a little humor into your life every day. As they
say “laughter is the best medicine”. If you have a favorite
comedy show make sure you watch it – if you don’t, find one
that you like. Get a book of jokes. Make sure you read some
of it everyday.

If you just do some of these things you will feel so much
better but put your heart into them. Believe that they will
work because they do. If you do all of them then I admire
you but whatever you do please do something. Nothing will
change unless you make it change.

Cathy Posner


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