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The Back Massage – How Sweet It Is! Leave a comment

All across the planet, the back massage is the ultimate method of relaxation. Why? Because the spine, including the neck, is where most people accumulate tension. Even a light massage, when performed with a good intent, in a good atmosphere, can help the recipient ease tension that radiates and creates problems throughout the entire body.
Here are some basic tips for doing a nice back massage, one that will relax a person and allow him or her to release the day-to-day stress that has become a way of life for our busy times.
Tips to remember:
Candles and scented oils will create an irresistibly pleasing atmosphere guaranteed to help relax the mind before any physical contact is even made. Put the lights down low, too, and make sure the area your subjectt will lie on is clean and comfortable. Check the temperature of the room, and adjust.
A hot bath before the massage will also help immensely in the recipient’s relaxation process.
Ask if he or she is comfortable without clothes from the waist up for the back massage. If they hesitate, explain that you can keep the areas not being massaged covered. A massage through clothing will be better than no massage at all, but direct contact with the skin is better.
Use oil or lotion, but first make sure it is warmed to room or body temperature. Move both your hands in a mirror paths on either side of the spine. Start at the neck, then work down in long strokes. Try circles and long lines. Be intuitive!
Keep monitoring your subject for reactions, good and bad. The most important thing in any stress-relieving massage is that it feels good to the recipient, not what you think should feel good.
A light back massage is one of the easiest things to do, and one of the nicest. Try one today!

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