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The 5 Best Tips To Help Spot General Anxiety Disorder Leave a comment

General Anxiety Disorder is a problem that effects a much larger number of people than many people expect. In it’s simplest form anxiety disorder is stress, depression or anxiety brought about by a patient’s fear of being rejected by their community. This rejection can be because of the way they look, the way they perform or the way they act and is most commonly associated with performance at school, college or work. General anxiety disorder often means that sufferers struggle to sleep because their mind won’t shut off and they constantly worry about little things that other people don’t find a concern. Because of the nature of the disease it is usual for patients to believe there is no ay out, or no cure for their problems and it is very unusual for them to seek help because they fear that people will ridicule or laugh at them for making the suggestion.
1- Most symptoms of General Anxiety Disorder are behavioral symptoms and can be difficult to spot by people who are not closely involved with the patient. Often these symptoms are attributed to a person’s character and the fact that they have a mental illness is ignored. There are some physical symptoms too but these are usually due to the mental symptoms in the first place.
2- Fatigue is very closely associated to general Anxiety Disorder because sufferers struggle to sleep and struggle to wind down. They are always worrying about things, no matter how small or large the problems are. Night times are the worst time of all because there is nothing else to take the sufferers mind off the problem.
3- general Anxiety Disorder causes people to become very irritable. This is not only because of a lack of sleep and the onslaught of fatigue but also because many patients believe that people laugh at them. This feeling can make the most innocuous question seem like a challenge.
4- Depression and anxiety are both very damaging symptoms of this disease and it can be incredibly difficult to help those who suffer from General Anxiety Disorder because they will often refuse to accept they have a problem.
5- Sufferers will struggle to concentrate on anything and may lose interest in things they previously found entertaining. This is true of patients who develop General Anxiety Disorder.

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