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Sore Throat – Home Remedy Relief Leave a comment

Sore throat is nothing but infection in throat causing discomfort during speech and swallowing. The main causes for a sore throat are Pollution in air or water, climate changes and could be a result of cold and fever.
Natural Relief
Use warm salt water to gargle at least twice daily early in the morning and before bedtime at night.
Add 1 tsp turmeric powder with warm milk make an excellent antibiotic for sore throats.
Boil Indian basil leaves / cumin seeds in water and use instead of water. It works wonders.
Cinnamon with milk and roasted cloves chewed slowly also relives sore throats.
Things to avoid
Chilled beverages and ice creams
Spicy foods
Hard to swallow foods that require lots of chewing
Foods with artificial flavors and preservatives
Unhygienic water and foods.
Smoking and alcohol

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