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Smacker Ephedra boasts that the ephedra product will SMACK THAT FAT, but can this 25mg ephedra product really delivery the extra energy and fat burning we come expect from ephedra? The short answer is YES. Smacker ephedra, now with the appetite suppressant Hoodia, really does increase energy, and burns fat just like the old ephedra products used to.
What Is In Smacker Ephedra
25mg ephedra
200mg caffeine from Kola Nut
105mg White Willow Extract
Vitamin B5
Hoodia Extract
Serving Size: 1 caplet
As you can see, Smacker has the full ECA stack (ephedra, caffeine, aspirin), as well as the phenominal appetite suppressant of Hoodia! Ephedra itself is an appetite suppressant, but many find they need a little bit more appetite suppressant than what ephedra can delivery, and Hoodia really adds that extra appetite suppressant.
What’s New With Smacker Ephedra with Hoodia?
The nice thing about the new Smacker Ephedra with Hoodia is that it now comes in caplet form. This way, if 25mg of ephedra per caplet is too much for you, you can just break the caplet in 2 (or more) pieces and control your serving. Diet Fuel with ephedra was a 3 capsule per serving ephedra product, which was good for people who didn’t want to take full dosages, while others complained about having to take 3 capsules for full strength servings. Smacker, much like products like Stacker2 with ephedra has 25mg ephedra per serving but unlike Stacker2, it can be taken at half dosage. Stacker2 came in capsule form, which makes it very difficult to take half dosages.
Where to buy Smacker Ephedra
Smacker Ephedra is now being sold through a few distributors to many retailers and online stores. The most popular place to buy Smacker is at Bing Products.
Smacker with ephedra, bottom line
Smacker Ephedra with Hoodia delivers exactly what it says, it really does SMACK THAT FAT! Whether you are looking for the extra energy, appetite suppression or a strong fat burner, you should really take a look at Smacker Ephedra with Hoodia.

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