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Sinus Infection Caused by Dental Problem Leave a comment

Everyone has a sinus on each side of their nose called the maxillary sinus. Wherein, the roots of the upper back teeth go into the right and left maxillary sinuses. This can cause a problem during sinus season. If a sinus has an infection, it can fill up with fluid and cause the entire sinus lining to become inflamed. If encountered by patients they will feel pain in their upper back teeth along with a metallic taste in the mouth. Threatening a major dental problem if continuously endure.
Both of the maxillary sinuses drain into the nose. Nothing much really happens in the sinus except when the exit into the nose is blocked. Swelling in the nose can cause blockage of the sinus outlet and fluid builds up in the sinus. And when the sinus fills up with fluid, bacteria can grow in the fluid because the sinus is warm, dark, and moist. The problem started with the nose blocking up and this is usually caused by nasal and breathing allergies.
This concerns the dentists. Because continued nasal and sinus problems can lead to poor dental development. Wherein, if problems transpire longer can make doing orthodontics very difficult. It is necessary to consult dentist if symptoms persist. Regular check up will help you monitor your status about the disease.
But for the short term, a patient can spray their nose with sea salt spray. This moistens the nasal area and can loosen the snot blocking the sinus exit. Take hot showers and breathe in the hot spray to moisten your nose. Finally, fill up your tub and just let the water evaporate so that the air will stay moist. Lots of sinus problems happen when the heating or cooling systems dry out the air because this dries out your nose.
Caring for your nose and your teeth is the most helpful thing to do in order to prevent at least the effect and occurrence of a sinus infection. So if you are afraid to encounter such terrible sicknessĀ…love your whole body that is the least thing to do!

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