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See Clearly with Eye Exercises – Myth or Reality? Leave a comment

Most of us have often come across advertisements about eye exercises that promise to offer improved vision and while the majority does not think this would work some of us definitely give it a try. When people are getting more and more dependent upon lasik surgery and contact lenses, it is surprisingly true, that eye exercises and natural therapies are increasingly gaining grounds as a proven method of vision improvement and to see clearly. Even the Yoga practitioners attach special importance to eye exercises.
How does eye exercise becomes an effective solution to see clearly? We will get the answer once we look into the reason for most of our eye problems. Most of the eye problems are due to loss of tone in the eye muscles. With time, these muscles become rigid and this loss of elasticity reduces the ability of the lens of the eyes to focus at different distances. Eventually the eyesight becomes weaker. Most of the eye exercises are targeted at toning up the eye muscles and keeping them elastic. This not only helps you to see clearly but also if you are already suffering from some eye problem, it helps you to improve your vision within a few months of regular exercise.
Tension is one other major reason for poor vision. If there is any tension in the eye it will produce a general feeling of tension due to the eye’s connection with the brain through the optic nerve. Eye tension produces an increase in nerve impulses in the eye muscles that is carried to the brain through the optic nerve. This in turn creates a general feeling of tension and anxiety. The eye exercises are often very effective in reducing eye tension.
Most of the courses promoting eye exercises or other natural therapies would ask the user to invest at least 30-40 minutes of their time while there are few that even asks for 1 hour of your time, and we all know in today’s fast paced world – “time is money”. However, a marked exception to this general trend can be noticed in The Program for Better Vision (www.program-for-better-vision.com) that promises an improved vision for just 15-20 minutes of daily eye exercises.
While most of the eye exercises courses attempt to remove the symptoms of eye problems, The Program for Better Vision digs down to the root cause and eliminates the cause of the symptoms. This ensures that the eye problems are not coming back to the user as a recurring issue. The Program for Better Vision has its foundation on the vision law that ensures fast and effective improvement with the minimum effort.
Another important factor to be considered while doing eye exercises is their sequence. When properly ordered, as they are in The Program for Better Vision, the effect of eye exercises build and multiply and the improvement is much faster.
It has been observed that before a person starts having eye problems there are actually other more basic visual skills that have lost their balance. An effective eye exercise course would first help you improve these skills and then work further to empower you to see clearly. While choosing an eye exercise course you should ensure that it is the easiest to understand, easiest to follow and easiest to do.
With eye problems becoming a major concern for a large part of the population it is definitely advisable to take proper care of your eyes and while subscribing and following any eye exercise course you should ensure that it is based on proper scientific study and has been endorsed by doctors and industry experts. A regular session of eye exercise can be your easiest way to vision improvement and seeing clearly.

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