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Say ‘Goodbye’ To Sagging Skin Leave a comment

Dear Epi Dermis,
I use a day cream religiously – yet I’ve heard that I should also be using a night cream. What’s the difference?
– Curious in Calgary

Dear Curious,
As the largest organ in the body – skin protects our bodies from the outside world during the day, and at night it repairs and renews itself. Nighttime is an opportunity to undo the day’s damage. During the night, skin experiences high levels of water loss. Night creams work to prevent this water loss and provide the skin’s surface with active ingredients that can be absorbed throughout the night. You could try, RoC® Protient™ Lift Night Firming Cream, which is specially designed to penetrate into the skin’s surface overnight to improve skin density and tighten the weave of the skin. In addition to moisturizing, this nightcream increases facial definition and contours and lifts sagging skin.

Dear Epi Dermis,
As I’m aging, the skin under my arms is becoming droopy. During the summer, I love to wear T-shirts, but am somewhat uncomfortable because of this loose skin. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?
– Drooping in Deerhurst

Dear Drooping,
While loose skin can be problematic for the whole body, key areas of concern tend to be the thighs, under the arms and bust areas. To firm under the arms, incorporate exercises that target the triceps into a daily routine. You can also try a firming cream that can assist your body in appearing toned and firm. A good product to try is RoC® Protient™ Lift Firming Body Lotion, a firming cream that enhances flexibility, improves feel and increases the surface tension of the skin.


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