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Safe Boating Week-Don’t Get ‘Hooked’ On Fishing Leave a comment

(NC)-There’s nothing like a fresh catch of fish to spice up a summer outdoor adventure. As with most outdoor activities, fishing can pose a threat to health and safety. Take care that you don’t get hooked on more than just the sport.
St. John Ambulance, Canada’s leader in safety-orientedâ„¢ first aid training and products, suggests you keep this information handy for every fishing trip.
First Aid for embedded fish hook

Wash your hands to reduce risk of infection.
Expose the injured area and inspect the wound, without touching it.
Gently place clean dressings around the object.
Place bulky dressings around the object to keep it from moving. This will apply pressure to the wound but not the object.
Secure the bulky dressings in place with a narrow bandage; taking extra care to ensure that pressure is not exerted on the embedded object.
Elevate the injured part, if injuries permit. Check circulation below the injury before and after bandaging. You may have to loosen the bandage slightly to restore circulation.
Get medical help to remove the object. Do not attempt this yourself as you may cause further damage.

Knowing what to do in an emergency is your best defence. St. John Ambulance is the name you can trust for quality first aid training and products. For more information, contact the St. John Ambulance branch nearest you or check us out on the Internet at http://www.sja.ca.

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