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If you are like me forgetting familiar people and things can be a painful and baffling aspect of aging. There is however both good and bad news with memory loss.
– The bad news: memory loss will probably affect all of us as we grow older.
– The GOOD news: there are some very effective treatments for most memory loss.
There comes a time in all of our lives when our recollection of people and events may seem to be just slipping away. Forgetting familiar people and things can be a painful and baffling aspect of getting older.
It is a helpless feeling, trying to hold on to things like names, faces, people and places. Suddenly you forget the name of the man who has been serving you coffee at the neighborhood coffee shop for decades.
You forget where you kept your glasses and find it impossible to recall phone numbers of good friends you have known. This is a symptom of the normal aging process but the question remains is memory loss treatable?
Is there a way to figuratively “turn back the clock” and reclaim what has been lost? Can we go back to remembering small things like names of people, faces, places and important appointments?
— Explore Promising Solutions for Memory Loss —
Memory loss affects not just the person experiencing it but also the people around them. This is because if somebody misses an appointment or forgets a task then other people involved are also affected.
Memory loss may also be an early indication of more serious diseases and health problems. Memory loss covers a range of health conditions like:
– normal aging
– amnesia
– head trauma
– strokes
– Alzheimer’s
– Dementia
– stress
The point should be made that if you suffer from memory loss don’t panic. It could be a normal sign of aging. Just make sure you see your doctor to discuss your memory shortcomings.
Don’t stress about memory loss! Seek diagnosis and treatment and forget about it.
Once a source of extreme embarrassment and shame my wife and I have learned to make a little joke out of our memory challenges.
While these problems should not be taken lightly, it is also necessary to remember that life is not over. You can live an active life even while suffering from memory loss.
In fact, many therapists believe that the most effective way to break out of the memory loss circle is to keep an active healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced diet, regular exercise if you are able and you can even consider meditation.
This may be why on days I exercise my mind is much more focused, clear, and less likely to forget.
— Overcome Stress and Memory Loss —
Therapeutic activities like yoga and meditation help keep the mind stress free. These activities work towards avoiding the forgetfulness that arises out of tension.
A lot of people in their 20s and 30s experience Memory loss due to excessive stress and tension. This kind of Memory loss is not related to age but has its roots in stress.
Stress hampers the effective working of the mind and causes delay of reaction. This is because of nervousness and the unreasonable desire to do too much in too little time.
You should learn to plan your activities according a realistic time frame. In other words learn the art of time management.
Time management will reduce more than half of your total stress and lessen overall memory loss for many ambitious people.
— Follow these Memory Boosting Tips —
– Plan your activities carefully.
– Keep enough time to unwind
– Recover from the strenuous and exhausting work
– Exercise after checking with your doctor.
Exercises like walking, running, meditation and tai’ chi not only help keep you more healthy but also helps clear your mind. This allows you to focus on more important tasks and reduces the margin of forgetfulness.
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