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Natural Acne treatment V/S Conventional Medication Leave a comment

Many people who have proved conventional acne treatments seeking for an effective solution to their Acne problem didn’t notice results or their effectiveness has worn off due to long term use. In fact, they experience superior results when they decided to give a chance to natural acne treatments.
But why does this upsetting skin affection develop? In women, acne can actually be caused by two different hormones. It’s usually an overabundance of androgens (male hormones) or estrogens (female hormones). In men, it can also be caused by imbalances in these male and female hormones.
This hormonal imbalance triggers Acne breakouts by over-stimulating the oil glands, that are in our skin, to produce more sebum on acne prone areas of the body (like our face, chest, neck, etc), which then results in a clogging of the pore, hence the characteristic of Acne that nobody wants…the ugly pimples.
If you are looking for some natural remedies that equalize these hormones, you may want to include in your diet Antioxidants as they are “blood purifiers” and their properties foster an environment for mending skin eruptions as well as preventing new breakouts and promoting a healthy glow and skin tone.
Today, there’s a huge variety of natural acne treatments in the market. They claim to help you with improving Acne and its blemishes but you have to be very careful in choosing witch one you will use. However, they are mostly designed to do two things:
1.) Help correct hormonal imbalances related to acne breakouts.
2.) Reduce inflammation and swelling, and pave the way for fast skin repair where breakouts have recently occurred.
Some other tips you can follow to help prevent unsightly breakouts are:
1.) Drink plenty of water. This helps to cleanse the system, and results in clearer, more hydrated skin.
2.) Avoid caffeine and caffeine-containing products like chocolate or supplements containing caffeine or other stimulants.
3.) Relax. Try a calming exercise for when you get stressed out. Stress triggers breakouts for many individuals.
4.) Avoid harsh cleansers or toners – these can only aggravate acne and cause further irritation and redness.
5.) Use a light, non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) sunscreen. While it is true a suntan may camouflage breakouts, it mostly aggravates them by forcing further oil production due to its drying effects. Try using a good facial self tanner instead.
If you follow these few simple skincare principles, and combine them with a high quality acne treatment that includes a change in your lifestyle habits and a good natural skin care product.
If you already had acne and left you with some marks that permanently bothers you when you look to the mirror, don’t think they will last forever. Not if you use BIO SKIN CARE cream, a great new product that helps you restore blemished skin with it’s NATURAL SKIN RENEWAL ACTIVATORS.
Competing pharmaceutical companies have develop a variety of natural creams, tonics and lotions, but none has ever surpassed BIO SKIN CARE cream because it produces quicker and best results.
BIO SKIN CARE Cream penetrates so deeply into the skin that it actually jump-starts and reactivates the skin’s own dormant youthful processes – as if the clock was turned back, the skin once again begins to produce more collagen and its own natural moisturizers. The rate of skin cell production and shedding is increased. Wrinkled, sun-damaged, blemished skin cells are rapidly stripped away, and the skin works quickly to replace the old cells by bringing brand new baby-soft skin cells to the surface instead, resulting in a youthful, dewy complexion. BIO SKIN CARE cream then bathes these beautiful new skin cells with nourishing vitamins and protective nutrients.
After only 8 weeks using Bio Skin Care twice a day, the skin looks younger, firmer and lustrous, and continues improving with each successive treatment!

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