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Men’s Health – Importance Of Walking Leave a comment

In an article titled, ‘Stride with Pride’, written by anonymous author, one may read how important the simple exercise of walking can be for all individuals, in particular today’s generation of men as they seem to be in pursuit of a leisurely life as compared to their elder generation.
Some of the most common and perhaps truly fruitful benefits of walking include its utility as an excellent form of transport, totally making the individual independent of all sorts of hassles and worries (such as the rising prices of gas, and public bus fares).
The issues and problems associated with owning and keeping other transport such as a bike or even a car are another set, which is more than eliminated by walking.
Not only is the practice of walking totally free and handy, it is also a convenient means to getting to and returning from a particular destination. (Of course locations at a distance would have to be covered through other means of transport).
Yet another benefit of walking is the relief one gets, such as being stress free, as walking relieves an individual of most if not all the worries. In addition, the movement of limbs and arms certainly takes most of the pressure off the mind and body altogether.
This is aside from the numerous advantages including but not limited to burning extra calories, feeling happier, feeling energetic, and above all the tendency to move about at a faster pace than those who lead a sedentary life style.

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