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Massage For Hip Pain Leave a comment

Sometimes hip pain is just muscular and caused by trigger point in the muscles.
And you can get relief to your hip pain just by massaging the muscles that are responsible of harboring the trigger points.
This is how you do it.
You search for tender spots from muscles near your hip joint, and massage them trough out the day in small sessions.
If you find a spot that amplifies or reproduces the pain symptom that’s troubling you when pressed, great you are on the right track, give that spot extra attention. But don’t neglect other spots entirely for the sake of that special one.
The results you are after along with the pain relief is for the spots to become less tender.
You want to give the massage a few days to kick in before you make any judgment for its effectives.
Within a week or so you should be able to tell if it helps or not, and if it’s worth pursuing any further.
For the massage you probably want to use tennis ball against a floor because it allows you to reach and self massage virtually any muscle in you body effectively.
Here is a list of muscles that are generally attributed to hip pain.
It’s not complete list but helps you to get started.
If you don’t have an anatomy book you can do a picture search with your favorite search engine, that should help you get going.

Gluteus minimus
Gluteus maximus
Quadratus lumborum
tensor latae fasciae
vastus lateralis
vastus intermedialis

Good luck

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