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10 Reasons Why Time And Attendance Systems Are NOT Just Substitutes For Clock Cards Leave a comment

Time and Attendance Systems don’t get the attention they deserve. They are simply seen as a modern substitute for clock cards: a good way of making sure your workforce is where it should be. But there’s more to it than that. Used intelligently, the information recorded through Time and Attendance Systems can be used to enrich a whole range of business processes. In essence, it can help you understand and deploy your resources better in everything from skills utilisation to scheduling and actual job costing.
A Time and Attendance Systems is very easy to use and implement. And it works very well over an intranet. Team members across the country can access the system effortlessly every day.
Getting used to the system:
After only a few weeks on the Time and Attendance System, it has made the process of tracking time to projects and tasks much more effortless. It has improved the productivity company-wide. We needed a product that was user friendly and which could grow with our business. The WTS Time and Attendance System provided this. It has enabled our managers to access accurate project information immediately.
Track Time and Attendance Easily:
Powerful Time and Attendance Software is simple, has intuitive timesheet interface to track employee hours, vacation, sick, flex time, and other time-off codes.
Vacation and Time-off Tracking:
Easily track the payroll information you need using custom fields on the timesheet screen e.g. track shift information integration with ADP, Ceridian or any standard payroll packages.
Accuracy and Timeliness:
With a Time and Attendance System, you are ensured accuracy and timeliness with multiple time entry options Timesheet in/out enables employees to enter start and end times, leaving Web Timesheet to calculate elapsed time Offline Timesheet allows employees to submit timesheets through e-mail, ensuring timely submissions.
Real-Time Reporting:
Powerful real-time reporting engine Choose from multiple standards reports or create the report you want on the fly. Reports can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis. Really powerful stuff from Time and Attendance Systems.
Multi-level approval process (choose from over 80) according to how your organization works. Flexibility to allocate approval of timesheet, time-off, and expenses to separate approvers.
Employee Productivity Increase:
A Time and Attendance System is easy to use and implement and will increase employee productivity throughout your organization. Managers and project leaders has access to critical project information at the touch of a button.
Benefits and ROI:
With the Time and Attendance System, the Time Sheet flexibility and ease of use has provided us with a solution that met our timeframe and requirements. The benefits and ROI achieved by using Web Time Sheet have far exceeded our expectations.
Resistance before buying:
When our organization decided to evaluate a Time and Attendance System solution there was some hesitation on our end, understanding that there may be some user resistance to change. But the ease of use and friendly interfaces has eliminated this problem all together. We have fully implemented Time and Attendance Systems across our organization and could not be happier with the product. The Time and Attendance System is easy to use and has increased employee productivity and reduced administrative time while significantly improving our billing cycle. Streamlining business processes has assisted us in our strategic planning and decision-making. Our Time and Attendance System has become a critical application in our organization. Allowing us to control, manage and project cost much more efficiently.

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