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Most of us overcomplicate things. Selling is pretty simple. True we need systems in place, support materials and a contact manager, but when all is said and done what stops us from selling is usually in our head, not in our office.
There are 4 actions when taken everyday for 10 working days with unswerving commitment will increase your sales and put more money in your pocket. Guaranteed!
1 – Set Your Intention
There is absolutely no substitute for knowing what you’re going after. Research clearly indicates when we set an intention or a goal we subconsciously as well as consciously align our actions and resources to attain that goal. What some folks find as lucky and coincidental is actually the power of intention at work. Few things are as powerful as our thoughts and if our thoughts are not aligned with our actions our thoughts always win. When you set a strong intention it gives your actions a path to follow instead of the other way around.
How many prospects will you contact each day? How many sales will you make? It is important to keep your intention clearly in front of you throughout the day. Don’t worry how all the details will come together just keep focused on what you want to accomplish. Intention does not take the place of action, but action alone can often result in activity and no sales.
A tip, set your intention so it is a stretch but not impossible. If you are contacting one or two new prospects a day, set an intention for 4 prospects. Once you’ve become successful at 4 increase to 6 and so on.
2 – 10 Referrals In 10 Days
Each day call a current customer, someone who is willing to advocate on your behalf and ask them who they know that they would be willing to refer you to. This exercise is not an exercise in selling as much as an exercise in asking. The world of selling is made up of unlimited networks all of them crisscrossing and intersecting through relationships. Selling is mastering the art of relationships and learning to ask for an introduction to the right relationship(s). This exercise is an essential component of more sales and more success. If you are a master at asking for referrals then ask for really high-end referrals. If you are new at this, then simply learn to ask. The trick is to do this for 10 days without wavering. This is called “Mastering the Ask”. Most people in sales think the most important ask is asking for the sale, it is not. The most important ask is asking for the referral. Master the Ask for just 10 days and watch your sales explode and your income grow.
3 – Work From the End Result Forward
Don’t wait until you’re successful to act successful. Act as though your success is actualized; you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to accomplish. Place yourself in the future and work from a platform of success. Don’t indulge self doubt nor your negative thinking habits. Your job is to live in a platform of success for 10 working days.
Whether on the phone, face to face or in the exchange of email you are to come from a place of pure and certain success. This is not arrogance and this is not pretending to be something you are not. This is setting your intention for success 10 working days in the future and moving your mind and your actions to that place. This will be by far the toughest part of your 10 Days. Remember… actions follow thoughts and behaviors align with intention…..if you’re living success you’re thinking success and if you’re thinking success it is in the bag.
10 working days of working from your end result…….SUCCESS.
4 – Celebrate Every Chance You Get
Most of us are mesmerized by rejection (that’s because it allows us evidence for the validity of our negative thinking). Give it up.
Celebrate every success large and small (especially small if you’re just starting in this great business of sales). Celebrating all your successes trains the mind to allow success. Many folks fail in sales because they train their mind to look for evidence of failure.
With more failure there is greater resistance to selling and with resistance you’ll talk yourself or worse work yourself right out of the greatest job on earth. For 10 working days celebrate every success that comes your way. Revel in the emotion of success, brag to your friends, send off emails to your coaches, and let yourself feel what it feels like to win.
It is important to do this for 10 working days, then adjust intentions.
10 days in enough to set a pattern, learn new behaviors without overwhelming yourself. Keep it fun, celebrate the success and find a partner to work with. We find in our coaching sessions that our clients do much better when they have a buddy.
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